Friday, October 10, 2008

The Early, Middle, and Late Shift

After a brief hiatus, Aaron's appetite has returned with a vengeance.
He's become a little more finicky, but when it comes to volume, he's
back on his game. Tonight was a classic example. He's home with Amy
on Fridays, so was all the way done with his dinner by the time Jada
and I got home after 6. And it was a big dinner - steamed egg, gummy
bear vitamin, milk, and cheese.

Of course, once I'd prepared my spread, he wanted a hack at that, too
- rice with green beans, tomatoes, and chicken. And then Jada decided
to finally have dinner herself, but only got halfway through her meal
of rice and shredded beef, so guess who cleaned up her bowl?

Aaron reminds me of a friend of mine whose mealtimes consist of slowly
but surely pounding away at the food while the early, middle, and late
shifts of fellow diners come in and go out. If you ever want to share
a meal with him, be prepared to be at the table for quite some time.

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