Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Sunshine

Aaron's morning crabbiness is by now legendary. He doesn't cry or whine as much as he screeches, like an old car having trouble getting started in the morning. That and the forceful hand waves are my favorite. And by "favorite" I mean "most annoying behavior to have to deal with first thing in the morning when I'm tired, crabby, and stressed."

But fast forward to the end of the day and Aaron is as sunshiny as can be. Our paths re-intersect when I pick the kids up from day care, and starting from then, he's a dream. He waves to all his teachers, enjoys the stroller ride, runs to his Mama when we arrive at home, and cheerily pounds his dinner like there's no tomorrow. We're letting him stay up a little later now, so he even gets some TV or toys or sister time in before night night.

The best is when we call over to him and tell him it's time for bed. Far from tantrumming or resisting, he ceases whatever he's doing, saunters over to us, and raises his arms for "up." Within minutes, he's safely tucked into his bed, where he won't so much as make one peep for the next 12 hours. Our son: what a nightmare in the morning, what a dream in the evening.
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