Monday, September 22, 2008

A Well-Oiled Machine

We got in pretty late Sunday night from the US Virgin Islands. Our flight was scheduled to touch down at 9:03 but was at least 15 minutes late. Amy and I decided to split up - me, the kids, our stroller, and most of our carry-ons hoofing the 15 minutes from our terminal to the economy parking where our car was, and her to baggage claim to lasso our three suitcases.

Aaron fell asleep almost immediately, and Jada alternated between telling me she was scared because it was dark and spelling out every sign we passed by. Once we got to the economy parking, I pulled out my stub, noted the area we were parked in, and made a beeline for it. Only I couldn't find our car. Slowly, we spiraled from the area, me getting more and more worried at each turn.

Thankfully, after about 15 minutes of circling, we finally located our car. I threw the kids, bags, and stroller in, and sped out to pick up Amy, with only a slight hiccup because Jada temporarily couldn't find her dolly (it was fortunately in the car and not somewhere in the lot).

Once we four and our luggage were on our way home, the kids fell asleep almost instantly. Having been out of the office for 10 days, we decided to hit the Wawa on the way home for milk. We got Aaron up to bed immediately and got the rest of our belongings into our house.

Jada was so tired I was able to pry her from her car seat, get her in the house, put a diaper on her, and tuck her in without hardly any resistance. Amy even unpacked most of her belongings while she slept away. Meanwhile, I tended to my stuff, saved our pictures and videos to our computer, and got ready for the work week.

Of course, some mistakes were made along the way. Not having been to the US Virgin Islands before, we packed too much of some things (like clothes) and not enough of other things (like cash and mosquito repellent). Plus I didn't get the memo that you can't leave perishable food in the fridge when you're going to be away for 10 days.

But slip-ups aside, Amy and I are becoming a well-oiled machine when it comes to travel. Although after so many days on the road, it'll be good to be homebodies for a spell.
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