Monday, September 22, 2008

Pain and Pleasure in Paradise

We spent the whole week in the US Virgin Islands. I was actually there on business - one of the Governor's key economic development agencies is one of our clients - and decided to bring Amy and the kids along. Sounds like paradise, right?

Well, visually it was. The place is absolutely gorgeous: white sand beaches, clear blue water, breathtaking vistas. But it was hot and sticky, the bugs were biting, and the kids had trouble sleeping at night. So while I was stacked back-to-back with meetings during the week - 15 in a 72-hour period - Amy had to figure out how to referee two cranky kids - in an unfamiliar setting with unmarked roads. Did I mention they drive on the left?

Plus, Aaron and Jada seemed to amp up their sibling rivalry when I was away. I guess outnumbering their parents gave them newfound freedom to flex their muscles in terms of misbehaving against each other. Not good times for a tired and sweaty Amy.

Somehow, she gutted through all my work days, even getting comfortable with the windy route to the island's prettiest beach. She also gave high marks to Coral World, a poor man's Sea World that has seen better days but was still entertaining for her and the kids.

More to follow, as I get pictures and videos up. For now, let me close by saying it was fun, it was hard, it was worth it, we want to go back, for now let's be homebodies.
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