Monday, September 01, 2008

Hamming For the Camera

Every night for quite some time, whoever's doing Jada's bedtime sings her "The Lord Bless You and Keep You," a benediction song we both learned in college. So it's gotten to the point that Jada can sing along, almost every word, and almost every note. It's really quite cute, especially for someone who is otherwise behind on the verbals.

Amy suggested I record this for the rest of our family to see and hear, and last night, I happened to have my camcorder in my pocket because we had hosted a barbeque. So I pulled it out, flipped the view screen around, and captured our bedtime song.

However, Jada seemed vastly more interested in making faces, waving her hands, and otherwise enjoying watching what she looked like on the small screen. It reminded me of when people pass behind a TV reporter on the street and make bunny ears.

Note to self: to get footage of Jada singing along, I'll have to set up a hidden camera. Clearly when the camera is in plain sight, she prefers hamming up to it.

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