Sunday, August 17, 2008


We're not huge TV consumers in this household, but nor are we at all ashamed of giving the kids a little TV time now and then.  Jada's faves include Clifford and Peanuts; Aaron's faves include anything Jada's watching. 

In fact, while normally getting Aaron up is immediately followed by changing his diaper, putting on his clothes, and feeding him breakfast, I decided one morning this weekend to just let him sidle up to his sister and watch cartoons for a little bit.  As much as he likes eating, I think he enjoyed being able to do what Jada was doing; and Jada was happy enough watching her shows to allow her little brother to partake with her. 

Of course, after about fifteen minutes, Aaron had shredded the TV Guide.  Still, that was fifteen minutes of them sitting peacefully together, and me not having to intervene.  That qualifies as a relaxing weekend morning around here.
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