Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Raising a No-Hitter

Amy took Aaron to the doctor's for his 18-month checkup today. The
good news is no ear infection, so the tubes can continue to wait. The
bad news - although no cause for concern yet - is that Aaron's behind
on his verbals; the doctor encouraged us to do some of the same stuff
with Aaron as we've been instructed with Jada.

Amy also got some good advice in regards to Aaron's hitting. If Aaron
starts swinging, we are to bear hug him. By essentially smothering
him, he'll eventually learn that hitting doesn't get him anywhere.
The doctor also recommended letting things that he drops to the ground
stay on the ground, and putting Aaron in timeout if he's tantrumming
for no apparent reason.

Aaron is otherwise healthy - 90th percentile on height, 60th
percentile on weight and head circumference. So he's still a handful;
but at least he's a no-ear-infection,
we-have-a-response-when-he-starts-swinging handful.

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