Monday, June 16, 2008

Giggly Times Two

Jada and Aaron still aren't very buddy buddy. It's amazing how, in a
room full of toys, the one Aaron simply must have is the very one Jada
happens to be playing with. And Jada tends to avoid her brother,
except when she can sneak in a not-so-nice squeeze or shove.

But every once in awhile, they genuinely seem to enjoy one another.
One day, I brought them both home from the park. As I was schlepping
the stroller and our belongings into the house, Jada crashed on top of
Aaron, normally a precursor to a great howling by Aaron.

But this time, Aaron started giggling, which made Jada giggle, which
made Aaron giggle all the more. I stopped my unpacking for a second
to watch our two kids rolling around on the floor, actually having a
good time together. It was quite a sight.

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