Friday, June 20, 2008


Scary moment earlier this week: I brought the kids to day care in the
morning as usual, only to find some of the workers standing outside
the front entrance. "There was a break-in last night; no one is
allowed in until the detectives are done dusting." Thankfully, we
were able to get the kids back in later that morning when the place
had been cleared, but it was still upsetting: someone had literally
made a hole in a wall, crawled through a kitchen cabinet, and made off
with the center's two computers.

I recounted this to a colleague of mine, who told me someone had tried
to break in to her babysitter's house in the middle of the day, on a
busy street, while her kid was there. That's much more frightening
than being broken into when the place is empty. It stinks when crime
intersects with people and places close to your kids, and makes all
the talk in town about violence and the police appropriately real and
starkly vivid.

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