Sunday, May 11, 2008

Two Grouches

Aaron can be such a grouch in the morning.  When I try to change his diaper, he kicks, screams, contorts, and otherwise turns the task into an extended workout.  The sixty seconds it takes to get him in his high chair and warm his milk, he screams as if we've never fed him in his life.  Then, sometimes even after he's had his bottle to take his edge off, he's grumpy about what we give him to eat.  At some point, he eventually warms up, only to become grouchy around nap times and meal times, which is to say most of the rest of the day.

But by the evening, he's a sweetie.  By 6:30 or 7, he can't wait to go to bed; and once there, he's quiet as a mouse.  See you in the morning.

Of course, right about then is when Jada is getting wound up.  Literally.  Tantrums, demands, spiraling irrationality: it's all there for us to enjoy.  Thankfully, the past few nights, once we've gotten her into bed, she's been fine.  But even then, getting her there can try us even on days we have extra stores of patience. 

So it's like our kids take turns being grouchy.  And it's enough to leave us more than a little grouchy.  And let's not talk about when they both decide to be grouchy at the same time!
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