Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jada Went Poopy in the Potty

I was going to try to think of a catchy title for this post - Lord knows I've been waiting for months to write it - but I figured the direct way was the way to go.  You read right: Jada went poopy in the potty.  She had been holding it as long as she could, and then pooping in her pants; and of course that's a lot messier to clean up than if it goes in the potty, which is what we were trying to convince her of.  But she was too scared to do it.

Sure enough, this morning, right before we were to head out for our church's morning service, she was straining.  And so I resigned myself to having to clean up after her.  But when she finally let me get near her - she always needs her space when she's doing her thing - and I took her up to the bathroom to get her cleaned up, there was no poopy.  I asked her if she wanted to do it in the potty, and she let me lift her up to the seat.  I left the room - again, she needs her space - and when I came back, she was beaming with pride, albeit through a tear-streaked face. 

I looked in the potty and there it was.  I also started tearing up, as I exclaimed, "Jada went poopy in the potty!  Jada went poopy in the potty!"  Her response for much of the rest of the morning: "I put my poopy in the potty."  Yes, you did.  And hopefully future ones won't be as scary to put there, either.
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