Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Remember the bar in the sitcom, "Cheers"?  "Where everybody knows your name"?  How great it was for those regulars to have a place like that.  And so it is with our kids and day care.  Since we're the only non-black people in the place, everyone instantly knows who we are.  The teachers and the other kids all say hi to Jada to Aaron, not just the ones in their class.  And when I walk in to pick them up, I hear a lot of, "There's Jada's dad," or "There's Aaron's dad."  (OK, so folks don't know my name, but they know who I am, which is close enough.)  I can't tell you how great it's been for our kids to have a place like this, where they are happy and can play and make friends.  And to think we panicked when we had to find this place at the last minute over two months ago. 
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