Friday, April 25, 2008

Three Eggs on My Face

Amy's requested that I not read the paper when we're all together in
the kitchen. She's right - it's rude of me - but sometimes I'm just
so tired it's what I do to catch a little breather. On a similar
note, after a busy day, I like to check my email and look at sports
site, even if it entails split-screening with Jada, who's watching
videos on Netflix on the left while I surf on the right.

Yesterday was triply embarrassing for me, though, on that front. For
while I was literally sitting next to Jada, she was smearing Amy's
make-up all over herself and the desk. I didn't notice for a full
five minutes, during which she went through half a stick of lipstick
and some blush.

I say triply embarrassed because: 1) I had promised myself and Amy
that I wouldn't zone out like that while I was "watching" the kids, 2)
Amy was out a stick of lipstick, and 3) I thought to myself what sorts
of things will Jada get away with once she's a teenager and really
knows how to sneak around behind my back. Amy was nice about it,
saying I should laugh instead of beating myself up; but that's three
eggs on my face.

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