Friday, April 18, 2008


Jada and Aaron could not be more different when it comes to sleep.
Aaron's a sleeper. On weekdays, we get them home around 6ish, and by
the time coats are off, dinner's been served, and PJ's put on, it's
pushing 7. And by then, Aaron's been clamoring for bed. So in he
goes, and nary a peep until 7 the next morning. Same on the weekends,
but just longer naps: "only" two and a half hours at day care, and at
least three or four on the weekend - one mongo nap or two "shorter"

Jada, on the other hand, is pulling out all the stops to stay up past
8. Even after our bedtime routine has completed, she's often found
stalling, whining, or bargaining well past 9. Sometimes we'll even
see her in the middle of the night, as she feels the need to come all
the way upstairs to enlist our help in finding a stuffed animal that
was in her bed all along. And yet, regardless of how full her day was
or how theatrical her evening was, she's up by 6 the next morning,
ready to tackle the day.

I wish I could tell you what Amy's and my sleep routine is like. But,
with two kids three and under such as the ones described above, sleep
for us is nothing but routine.

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