Thursday, April 24, 2008

Parenting Has

Parenting has given me a profound appreciation for God as my Father;
how patient He is with me.

Parenting has given me perspective; even if I get yelled at at work
and can't satisfy a client no matter how hard I try, my kids will
still jump on me and ask me for piggyback rides and let me give them

Parenting has given me a built-in, 24-hour mechanism for being the
best role model I can be.

Parenting has given me moments to stop and smell the flowers, because
my kids are and I can't proceed until they're done.

Parenting has given me a new-found respect for my own parents.

Parenting has deepened my love for, commitment to, and enjoyment of Amy.

Other than that, parenting hasn't given me anything.
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