Saturday, March 15, 2008

Three Stories

The bad news about bedtime is that most nights, Jada is in bed by 8 but then in and out of her room in various states of distress until as late as 10.  On those nights, I can say goodbye to curling into bed with a stack of business and news magazines before drifting peacefully to sleep; instead, I'm wired and worried and frustrated and fed up. 

The good news about bedtime is that, somehow, I've gotten Jada to accept my request that we only do three bedtime stories.  She gets to pick them, and because it's now three and not 15, I can take my time with each one and read them more dramatically and entertainingly.  Even better, some nights she insists that her bedtime stories be read by Amy, so I get a completely free pass (although see above, sometimes I end up having to see her multiple times on those nights).

There's a small part of me that misses the routine and closeness of our previous required reading list.  But most of me is glad to trade quantity for quality; and now we just have to figure out how to keep her in her room once the stories are over.
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