Sunday, March 16, 2008

He's Happy

You know those Taco Bell commercials where a series of people announce, "I'm full!"  This afternoon, I felt like I wanted to announce, "Aaron's happy!"  For the past week or so, he has been so crabby, ceasing his cries only when he's eating or sleeping, which mercifully is much of the day.  I was hoping to sneak out this afternoon while he was napping to take Jada to a party, but he didn't sleep very long, so I ended up taking both of them, dreading that Aaron would be ornery.

Lo and behold, once we arrived, he reveled in the attention and in the activity that the party represented.  He loved being held, loved having so many interesting things to look at, loved being able to crawl around in a new place.  We went from there to a local park, where he and Jada gleefully rode the swings and climbed around the playground equipment.  All in all, we were out for almost three hours, and he didn't even get close to crying; and this, after a stretch in which he probably didn't go more than ten minutes without crying. 

Of course, once we arrived home, Jada ran over him with the stroller, Amy wiped his nose, and I kept removing contraband from his hands.  And so the crying recommenced.  But for one afternoon, I could say with a loud voice, "He's happy!"
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