Thursday, March 27, 2008

Order is Restored

On our way home from day care, I had been getting in the habit of putting Aaron in the back seat and Jada in the front seat of our two-kid stroller, just to mix things up.  (It's almost always Aaron sitting in the front and Jada standing in the back, facing forward, although the back allows for a kid to sit down facing backward.)  They both seemed to be liking the change of perspective, so why mess with what's working. 

However, yesterday the seatbelt in the back was all twisted up, so I figured it would just be easier to put Aaron in front and have Jada stand in the back.  Big mistake.  No sooner had we left the day care facility that I hit a bump, Jada hit her mouth on the side of the stroller, she started crying, Aaron started crying, Jada tried to push Aaron out of the front side, Aaron started crying louder, and I had two meltdowns on my hands.

I finally negotiated a truce by telling Jada if she calmed down, I would switch her to the front seat.  Which I did, but the damage was done: both of them whimpered the rest of the way home, the crying continued during dinner, and bedtime was a little harder than usual.  Needless to say, today I was sure to put Aaron in the back and Jada in the front.  Clearly, my kids like things a certain way, and far be it for me to switch it up on them.
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