Wednesday, February 06, 2008


They say you should read to your kids at least 15 minutes a day. I've
never timed myself, but I'm usually at least close to that number.
But how I read to Aaron and Jada couldn't be more different. For one,
Aaron I read to first thing in the morning, while for Jada it's right
before bedtime.

Secondly, Jada's "must read" list has now swelled to 12 books. So
even accounting for this increase over time, I estimate I've read her
about 1500 books over the past eight months!

During that same period of time, I still haven't finished the one book
I've been reading Aaron. Lest you accuse me of favoritism, let me
explain. The one book I've been reading Aaron is the Bible, and so
far I'm barely halfway through, pretty much on the same pace as when I
read through the Bible with Jada when we first got her.

I probably should read to my kids more, but I do enjoy the times I do
get. Jada will snuggle next to me, so that her adding more books to
the pile is usually not something I welcome with dread but rather with
a gladness that comes from knowing she wants to spend quality time
with me. Aaron is harder to read for, because he'll grab at the pages
and try to throw the whole book down, but at least I'm getting to
learn more about the Bible during his reading times.

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