Sunday, February 10, 2008

Night Out

Amy's friend got married yesterday, so we left the kids with Amy's sister and her husband. Us not doing bedtime was a first in the "two kids" phase of our life, but the kids did OK and their babysitters were outstanding. We had feared Jada would unleash her usual nighttime mayhem, but I think she was tired from a busy day - I had run them around at the zoo earlier in the day, and they then went to the park for more run. It was nice to do a night on the town, although we were yawning by 9 and home by 10. And the next morning, Jada woke up at 5 and scrambled upstairs to check in on us, and once she was assured we were back and life was back to normal, she was actually able to sleep in until 6:45. Hopefully each successive time from here on out will become less and less of an ordeal.
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