Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Playing Well Together

Could it be that the daughter of mine who was once so icy towards her little brother has, gasp, turned a corner?  It appears to be so.  Even as Aaron is getting better at playing by himself, Jada is getting better at playing alongside.  We've been waiting for the day she realizes she can boss him around and/or look out for him, two perks of being a big sib.  And it seems she's catching on to this luxury, sharing toys and handing him his pacifier and even saying reassuring things to him.  I need to get some video footage of our two creatures peacefully coexisting - if anything just to have to look back on when, inevitably, their sibling rivalry resumes in their pre-teen and teen years - but quite frankly find myself so stunned at what I'm seeing that I can neither move nor speak.  Let's hope I'll have more opportunities to capture on film this wonderful sight of our two kids playing happily together.
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