Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Did Somebody Say McDonalds

With the exception of one or two rest area McDonalds, we'd never gone
as a foursome until yesterday. But with our plans to mall-hop at King
of Prussia dashed by uncoordinated nap times (one of the four of us
was asleep at any given time all the way up until 3 pm), we decided to
take a brisk walk through the Penn campus and then loop back to the
McDonalds at 40th and Walnut.

Not surprisingly, Aaron had a love affair with the french fries.
Jada, strangely enough, pecked at two or three things and then waited
until we got home to have a more substantive dinner. As much as I
despise McDonalds on so many levels, I have to admit that I enjoyed
the family time there, so I wouldn't be shocked to find ourselves
there again.

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