Sunday, December 23, 2007


Patience is not something I naturally have a lot of; and is,
unfortunately for me, something parents need to exercise a lot. It
seems like ever since we became a family of four about six months ago,
I've always been feeling a bit impatient with one of our children; not
often neither of them, and thankfully not often both of them at the
same time.

First, it was Aaron and his impossible sleep schedule. Then it was
Jada struggling mightily with the transition to sharing our attention.
Then it was Aaron's unceasing demands. Now it seems I'm back on
Jada: partly out of her rebellion, and partly out of her communication
struggles, she almost never gets herself into motion the first time we
say something; and sometimes it takes three, four, five times, and
even then it's like pulling teeth.

Sometimes I need to cut her some slack. Sometimes I wonder if we're
going to soon need some sort of speech therapy for her. Sometimes I
need to be resolute and keep on hammering away at whatever it is we
are instructing her to do, no matter how many times we have to provide
the instruction. And all of those times, I need to exercise patience.
Easier said than done.

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