Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Doctor, Doctor

We took Jada and Aaron to see the doctor today - Aaron because he was
due for a check-up, and Jada to clean her ears since it otherwise
would've been a long time in between visits. They were both weighed
and measured and are growing steadily on both fronts. Jada didn't cry
when the doctor poked around her ear, and she even played along when
he let her hold the stethoscope while he was listening to Aaron's
heart. (Don't think I didn't have a moment of wishful thinking then,
wondering if she'll eventually pursue a career in medicine.) The
doctor perfectly captured their respective personas, describing Jada
as "curious and confident" and Aaron as "laid-back and mellow." And
neither of them cried when they got their flu shots. In sum, a clean
bill of health for our two, and we'll see the doctor again in early
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