Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sha Sha Sha

I've written a lot lately about Jada's bad behavior, and to be sure,
there's been a lot to write about. But in the interest of presenting
a more balanced story, here's a nugget about some good behavior of
hers recently.

One night last week, we were going through her bedtime routine. I
thought I had gotten everything, but she reminded me of one more
to-do: "Sha sha sha." That's what they say in this Mandarin DVD my
parents got us when they're brushing their teeth. Amy and I had
decided the night before that we were going to add toothbrushing to
her bedtime routine. Only two nights in, I had already forgotten.
Jada had to remind me.

When I was a kid, I would flat-out lie to my parents when they asked
me if I had brushed my teeth before bed. Now here's my daughter,
reminding me that she hasn't yet brushed her teeth. What a good
little kid she is sometimes.

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