Monday, September 17, 2007

Bicycle Ride

Every so often, after Aaron goes down for the night and Amy's doing something around the house, I'll put Jada on the back of Amy's bicycle and take her a couple of blocks to the local playground.

To say she gets excited about this activity is an understatement. All I have to say is, "Bicycle ride," and she'll stop whatever she's doing and start bouncing up and down, saying, "Bicycle ride, bicycle ride." Then we put on our shoes and head to the back shed where we keep Amy's bike and Jada's helmet, and she's bouncing even more. Then I put our helmets on, and still even more excitement; and then I strap her into the seat, and more excitement still.

Of course, once we hit the road, that's when she really gets geeked. "Bicycle ride, bicycle ride," she sings as we whistle down the street. It's really all quite cute. I'll have to snap a pic of us some time so you can see just how cute.
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