Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Walk Score

Saw a link to this in the blogosphere:

calculates how walkable a place is, based on proximity to restaurants,
grocery stores, and so on.

Surprisingly, my home address (92 out of 100), which is in a
residential part of University City, is more walkable than my work
address (89), which is in a commercial part of University City.

Where I grew up, in the suburbs of West San Jose, scores a piddling
54, while Amy's childhood house comes in suburban New Jersey comes in
at 43. Indeed, when we go for strolls around both places, we get
quizzical looks.

Whereas at home, we walk everywhere: to work, church, day care,
retail, subway stop, and park. I once asked Amy, if she could live at
any intersection in town, where would it be, based solely on location.
And she said where we currently are. And I agreed.

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