Wednesday, August 15, 2007

If It's Not One, It's the Other

When we first got Aaron two months ago, I was so glad Jada was so
low-maintenance. Because Amy and I needed every ounce of energy and
nerve to deal with our big boy, who, morning noon and night, would
shriek every three hours and not stop unless we delivered formula at
the perfect temperature. Meanwhile, Jada puttered along, doing her

As Aaron got a little easier and we got more used to him, it was Jada
that started to unravel a little. Evenings became an ordeal, tantrums
were a regular occurrence, and she did not like Aaron even getting
near her.

Now, since we've been back from vacation, Jada has been a model
citizen, cleaning up after herself, going to bed peacefully, and even
sharing toys with her little brother. And Aaron is becoming more
high-maintenance - he sleeps better at night, but during the day he
cries unless held, and sometimes even if held.

I guess this is the uncertainty that is parenting - some days the kids
are all good, some days all bad, and some days a little of both. And
this, just after less than two years with one and two months with the
other; wait until we've lived a little longer, or we've added more to
the mix.

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