Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tag Team

When Amy and I decided she would go out to California to get Aaron, I
was excited for her willingness to go and do that, and also a little
excited to experience having to take care of Jada totally on my own
for a few days. I'm still excited about the first thing, but not so
much the second. I'm realizing that for all the stuff I do as a
parent, Amy does just as much if not much, much more. So those few
days it's just me and Jada, those'll all be on me.

Secondly, Jada is fast becoming a little girl, in the traditional
sense. Meaning she wants to wear pretty clothes and have things in
her hair. I have yet to do a good pigtail, and when I pick out her
clothes for the day she has literally pushed my selection away in
tears more than once.

All of this to say all the more reason I'll be counting down the days
and hours until Amy returns. I'll be eager to meet Aaron, and Amy'll
be eager to reunite with Jada, but best of all Amy and I will be back
to being a tag team.

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