Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jada Meets Her Didi

For the first couple of hours, it was an otherwise normal day for
Jada. She woke up, hosted her morning talk show with her stuffed
animals, and then I went down to turn on the music, open up the
shades, and get her out of the crib and ready to tackle the day. We
read some Bible and some other books, watched some Pooh, and had

And then, around 9:30am, we went back up to our living room, and there
was a little baby boy lying on the ground there. I pointed out to
Jada that this was Aaron, and she seemed puzzled, although only a
little. She quickly recovered and got herself into little helper
mode, bringing over toys and a pacifier to her new little brother.
She even said, "Aaron, Didi" ("Didi" is Mandarin for "little
brother"), which is what we had been teaching her but which we hadn't
yet said to her today.

Jada didn't seem to mind when we couldn't do as much at the playground
as we usually do, on account of having to be mindful of Aaron's
immobility. She wasn't fazed when Aaron let out his first good cry of
the East Coast later that afternoon. In short, she seems to be taking
it all in stride. Such a good girl.

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