Friday, June 15, 2007

Getting to Know You

After going to work for three days in a row (Tuesday, Wednesday, and
Thursday), it was nice to be home today and get to know Aaron a little
better. Although I don't know that I know him any better than before,
and I don't know that he's any more acclimated to his new
surroundings. But I can pump my fist about two major milestones:

1) I'm OK letting him cry. Sounds cold, but I've found it's important
to keep your cool when your baby is wailing away. When Aaron first
arrived, being rusty plus not knowing Aaron meant I was pretty jumpy
when he'd start his piercing cry. But now I feel I can sufficiently
tune it out - not to be mean, but to more quickly get to whatever it
is he needs so he can stop crying.

2) Aaron can get himself back to sleep. Aaron's naps usually last
about an hour, before he wakes up on account of being hungry or
uncomfortable or both. But the one he's in right now is two hours and
counting. He had started fussing 45 minutes into the nap, and I had
to go in and pop his pacifier back into his mouth a few times before
he got himself back to sleep. Fifteen minutes after that, I heard him
whimpering some more, and predicted I'd have to get him. But he got
quiet shortly thereafter. I went in to check on him and found him on
his belly, his new favorite sleeping position. Meaning he was able to
get himself back into a comfortable position, without our help and
without waking up.

I've got two more days at home before I head back to work on Monday.
Hopefully, Aaron and I will get to know each other some more during
that time. It's still a slog, but I think we're turning a corner.

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