Friday, May 18, 2007

The Journey to America

Some more details on Aaron's journey to America:

* His visa interview will take place on May 24, after which hopefully
all will be clear for him to leave Taiwan and enter the US.

* My parents will return with him to California a week after that,
where I can only assume he will bombarded with visits by West Coasts
friends and family.

* Amy will fly out a few days after that to meet Aaron, and Amy's mom
will fly out a couple of days after that.

* Amy, Amy's mom, and Aaron will fly back to Philadelphia, arriving in
the late evening of June 9, three weeks from tomorrow.

* Jada, who will be asleep when Aaron arrives, will wake up the next
morning, meet her little brother, and give us a puzzled look.

And then we'll be a family of four.

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