Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quality Time

I'm starting to realize I need to spend more quality time with Amy and
Jada. I'm not working longer hours but I'm absolutely maxed out
during the hours I'm there, so the kinds of things folks usually cheat
into their work time to do, like make social plans or fill out their
March Madness bracket or pay their bills, I actually have to do at
home. Not to mention that I've got a seemingly endless laundry list
of administrative to-do's, from home improvements to adoption
processing to financial matters.

Weekday mornings are a blur between rousting Jada up, getting her
ready for the day, and racing her off to day care - all a good two
hours after I first got up so I could get my praying and exercising
and email in. Weekday evenings consist first of getting Jada dinner,
a bath, and bedtime stories, and then two hours before bedtime to
either plow through paperwork, attend a church meeting, or work in
some professional networking.

Weekends are a welcome break from the rat race. I often take Jada on
some excellent adventure on Saturday morning and/or afternoon, and
even get a little time to myself when she naps in the middle of the
day. Sunday we have church together, another nap break in the middle
of the day, and with the weather improving usually some sort of
outdoor outing in the afternoon. Still, Amy and I can get to Sunday
evening, both of us having ran ourselves ragged between our jobs and
our share of the domestic and parenting stuff, and wish there was an
eighth day in the week to rest.

The smart couples tell us you just have to make time for quality time.
I've been listening all along, but I think it's time to start acting
on that.

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