Friday, March 02, 2007


Jada had a routine doctor's check-up this week. She was finally
feeling better after being sick earlier in the week, so she was in
fine form at the doctor's office. She charmed the nurse, charmed the
nurse's aid, even charmed the little boy in the next exam room over
who couldn't help but come over and observe this little dynamo holding
court with her purse and her crayons.

When the doctor arrived, she kicked it into yet another gear. She
busily opened up cabinets, took items out for examination, and then
put them back in the right place. She confidently sidled up to the
doctor and tried to take his stethoscope. She didn't even cry when he
fished a bunch of ear wax out of each ear or when the nurse returned
to administer an immunization shot.

There are some days I just sit back and watch my little girl grow up,
and I beam with pride. Today was one of them. I could only smile as
the doctor marveled at her confidence and remarked to us, "She's
school president material." I was thinking the same sentence, only
without the word, "school."

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