Friday, February 16, 2007

Getting Closer

After getting sick six times in our first year of parenthood, I
managed to go four months healthy before I caught a cold this week.
Jada becoming a good sleeper has been a big part of me staying
healthy, but more stress at work plus the nasty weather plus the usual
assortment of germs conspired to fell me this week.

Enter Amy. I've been shouldering most of the adoption paperwork
because it plays to my strengths, but she carried the load today.
We're getting awfully close to being done on Aaron's stuff, and
today's to-do's involved picking up one package from the post office
and mailing out two other important packets of paperwork. Normally I
would take a break at work and tend to these things, but I was feeling
bad enough that I actually called out, my first sick day at my new

So Amy took Jada with her to the post office, braving a long and cold
walk (the weather has actually rendered walking an easier ordeal than
driving or riding the subway), returning home to put Jada down for a
nap, and then heading right back out to make a second post office run.
All so I could stay at home and rest. It's hard for me to be on the
sidelines, but I thank God for Amy and all she did today.

I also thank God for God, because He's been at work, too - today was a
relatively easy day for me to be able to call out of in terms of my
schedule at work, and a surprisingly expeditious process in Taiwan has
more than negated any mistakes I made during my New York trip last
week - to the end that it is likely we'll be meeting our son not long
past his two month birthday, far sooner than we could have

In short, Amy and I, as well as our parents, have hustled as hard as
we could to expedite this paperwork process, but ultimately we have
God to honor for bringing it to completion. I guess it took being
laid out by a cold to appreciate that truth more fully.

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