Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another Birthday Remembrance

When you celebrate a kid's birthday, you're usually taken back to
those unforgettable moments before, during, and after birth. We
obviously don't have any such memories. Instead, we can only imagine
Jada's arrival into this world, and marvel at the 1001 things that had
to happen from that point until 7+ months later, when she arrived into
our arms and into our lives.

So we say a special word to Jada's biological mother, who took good
enough care of Jada in utero and in her first 48-72 hours of life that
she might eventually get to us healthy enough to have a chance. We
can only guess that she wonders what became of her daughter. She does
have memories of Jada's birth, and this weekend marks the anniversary
of that momentous event, and of the only 48-72 hours she had with
Jada. We can only hope that she somehow knows that her biological
daughter ended up with a family who loves Jada dearly, and who is
unspeakably thankful that she took such good care of Jada while she
had the opportunity.
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