Monday, January 15, 2007

More Than Half the Alphabet

Amy and I have been going over the alphabet with Jada, letter by letter, showing her each letter and saying it aloud and having her repeat.  One morning, I started to notice she was saying it before I was.  So I took the bag of letters and, randomly and one by one, I put them in front of her to see which ones she really knew.  The ones she got right I put to one side, and the ones she didn't get right I said aloud for her and put to the other side.  The first time we did this, she got 16 out of 26!  I called over to Amy, put the letters back in the bag, and redid the drill.  This time: 21 out of 26! 

Special thanks to Amy's sister for buying her both a set of magnet letters as well as foamy letters that Jada plays with in the tub.  I also want to say big ups to the good people at Fisher Price, whose online "Zoo Game" was what got Jada started in terms of recognizing letters and what they sound like. 

She's still just a little kid, not even potty trained and ever prone to crying spells when she doesn't get what she wants in the kitchen.  But Amy and I are beside ourselves with giddiness that she's becoming such a big girl. 
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