Sunday, October 08, 2006

Walking Towards a Cure

It is not uncommon to find me and Jada on the PENN campus on a
Saturday morning; it is uncommon to be joined by hundreds of pink-clad
female walkers. Jada and I quickly found out that the route we often
take on the weekend to get some fresh air and exercise was part of the
route being taken by participants in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer
Foundation's 3-Day Walk.

We peeled off to the side, sat on a bench, and cheered. I wondered
who each walker had in mind as they walked: was it a mother or a
sister or a co-worker or a neighbor? I wondered if any of the
important women in my life would ever be diagnosed. I wondered, most
of all, if we would have a cure by the time Jada was old enough for
breast cancer to be an issue.

So as we sat there, eating goldfish crackers and returning smiles and
waves, I felt an extra measure of appreciation for those walkers, and
for the researchers and administrators who are using these funds to
find a cure. To both I say, keep on walking.

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