Sunday, October 08, 2006

Miss Behavior

Jada has demonstrated very good behavior this week. Her whining has
been minimal, she played nice with other kids and adults at a birthday
party, and has become very good at putting things away.

In fact, today Amy and I were getting ready to go out, so we beckoned
to Jada to come upstairs with us because we were both going to change
our clothes and use the bathroom. But instead of following us, she
went away from us. We beckoned again, and she wouldn't come. We
turned the corner . . . and saw that she was feverishly trying to put
her three tennis balls, which she had just taken out of the can, back
in the can. As soon as she had located each tennis ball, it went into
the can, and then she found the lid, placed it on top of the can, and
brought it to me to shut the lid. Then and only then, once the tennis
balls were put away and the lid was on the can, did she head upstairs
with us.

What a good girl, our little Miss Behavior.

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