Friday, October 20, 2006

Still a Spark

Remember when we were in our teens and twenties and a great date put
you in a good mood for days? I'm happy to announce that great dates
are not just the purview of the young'uns.

Amy and I go out every other week after Jada's down for the night,
leaving the monitor sitting to our friend who rents our third floor.
But two weeks ago, we were both sick so we called off our date night.
So when we went out earlier this week, it had been four weeks since
we'd had extended time together without Jada.

And we had a blast. Nothing fancy, as per our personalities. No
elaborate dinner, no dancing into the wee hours, no carriage ride.
Just a brisk walk through the PENN campus and into Center City,
followed by pizza at some dive, and then a brisk walk home.

But it was so good to spend that time together. My love for my wife
has definitely grown as we've Jada to the mix, as I see her shine as a
mom and as a partner in this whole parenting thing. But it's nice
sometimes to just have husband and wife time, and date night this week
was no exception.

We talked right-wing politics as we walked amidst a gaggle of young
liberals, discussed the issue of homelessness (even as we were
approached several times by surprisingly aggressive panhandlers), and
cracked jokes about one another. Even the pizza tasted good; walking
2+ miles one way to get to it probably had something to do with that.

When we got home, right before we opened the door to resume our usual
evening routine -- Amy studying or knitting while she watches TV,
while I catch up on emails and paperwork -- we kissed on the porch.
And there was a spark. There's still a spark.
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