Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gotcha Day

What a special Gotcha Day celebration we had this weekend, and why not? Unlike biological parents, for whom a child's birthday is the anniversary of them becoming that child's parents, for us the equivalent is Gotcha Day. So we did it up family-style, and were filled to the gills with Jada's favorite people and lots of good food.

We and Amy's brother and wife gave Jada's grandparents a memory book of pictures from our summer vacation together as a token of thanks for giving us such a great time at the Shore. My sister made sticky rice. Jada got her first Gotcha Day gift, an ornate vest and shoes we had bought for her when we were in China to get her. And, as the Taiwanese would say, "ooh jia, ah guh ooh tang lia" -- everyone ate well and got to bring lots of food home.

Most of all, Amy and I were thankful for one year of being Jada's parents, thankful for our bon-bon, and for all the people who have been so supportive and loving through it all. And thankful to God, to whom we pray for many more Gotcha Days . . . and maybe a few more kids whose Gotcha Days we can also celebrate?

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