Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Last Tuesday was our one-year anniversary of meeting Jada. Parents of
biological children call the anniversary of meeting their children a
birthday. Obviously for us that's a different date.

In fact, it's likely that "Gotcha Day" (that's what we're calling it)
will be a bigger deal in our family than our kids' birthdays. Of
course, we're going to make a big deal of birthdays because that's a
special day, too.

But Gotcha Day is full of meaning for us -- personal and familial and
cultural. It's a time to bring family together, to celebrate
heritage, and to thank God and people for all that had to happen to
connect us with Jada.

So we'll be celebrating in full force this weekend and in years to
come. Jada may have been born on a different date, and legally became
our daughter on still another date, but October 10 will be the most
special date of them all.

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