Monday, July 03, 2006


Jada broke two things yesterday afternoon: her nap record, and her weekend fever. Last we checked in on our cranky little curmudgeon in this space, she was fighting the effects of a weekend-long fever, fussing her way through our church's morning service, and falling asleep before I could even get her home.

Four hours later -- you read that right -- she woke up, and her fever was gone. Thank God, to whom we prayed, and thanks also to others who prayed for our little dumpling.

During her fever, Jada didn't have much of an appetite, but she seemed to enjoy my smoothie concoction of yogurt, peaches, and banana. So as a reward for gutting out her fever, not only did we make her another smoothie, but we let her drink it herself. You've heard of milk mustaches? Jada had a full-blown goatee going.

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