Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hot Girl

Two evenings ago, Jada and I went to the local playground, a nightly routine we hadn't gotten to enjoy much this week on account of her fussiness and the bad weather.  We had fun visiting her favorite playground equipment and going for a walk in the field.  After a good thirty minutes of play (sometimes we'll stay for barely ten or fifteen minutes), I took her home, read her some stories, changed her diaper, fed her some milk, and she was out for the night. 


I noticed as I was holding her right before I put her in the crib that she was hot to the touch, but attributed it to us having been outside in the sun.  Of course, when it comes to medical stuff, I'm an idiot, so what do I know.  Sure enough, when I shared this with Amy, she conjectured that Jada might have a fever.


And in fact, at around 1:30am that night, she awoke suddenly and started screaming.  I can't tell you the last time we had to get her in the middle of the night, it's been that long and it's that rare.  Amy did the honors, and when she returned to bed, she told me she had taken Jada's temperature and that in fact, she did have a fever.


When we checked her temp again in the morning and the fever hadn't yet gone away, we left a message for the pediatrician.  He called back to say that as long as there were no other symptoms, just keep giving her the Motrin like we'd been doing, and if the fever persisted to Monday morning, we should bring her in. 


Well, here we are at Sunday afternoon, and it's looking more and more likely that we'll be heading to the pediatrician's tomorrow morning.  Jada's still hot to the touch, and every time we've checked her temp it's been high.  Thankfully, she's been in pretty good spirits throughout – I took her to the park yesterday for some fresh air, and while she wasn't as wild and crazy as she usually is, she was still pretty active and happy. 


This morning, I took her to church (Amy wasn't feeling good so she stayed home) but kept her with me instead of unleashing her on the other kids in the nursery.  But we didn't quite make it to the end of the service; at one point, Jada wormed her way under my legs and assumed her favorite sleeping position right there on the floor in my pew.  I knew then she was already ready for a nap, so I scooped her and all of our stuff up and headed out the back.  By the time we had walked a block and a half, our little hot girl was already asleep. 

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