Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Third Parent

Amy finished her master's requirements last week, but we extended Jada's day care a couple extra weeks to give Amy some breathing room. After that, she'll be home with Jada full-time. And while I'm sure Jada will miss the friends and activity at day care, I think we'll also miss having her there. Day care is like a third parent, making life a little or a lot easier for the other two parents. In fact, I did some rough estimates and realized that day care, Amy, and I have been bearing a fairly equal amount of the Jada-watching. We each have watch over her for about a third of her waking hours, and we each feed her about a third of her meals.

With day care out of the picture for the rest of the summer after two weeks for now, Amy will be taking on that extra third. If you randomly poll her later this summer, you may get her on a day when that extra third is a lot to handle. But she's looking forward to being home with Jada full-time.
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