Monday, June 26, 2006

One Year Later

It's been a year today that I start posting on this site. 6500+ hits since then -- although half or so can probably be accounted for from Amy and me and our two moms. I've appreciated those who've told me how much they enjoy following us through the posts and pictures.

What will be really neat, of course (and this is really why I've been keeping this blog), is for Amy and me to look at all this with Jada when she's older. Every kid has an innate curiosity, especially about their earlier years, and I have a feeling Jada will be particularly inquisitive. And quite frankly, my memory isn't very good. So it'll be good to have something to go back to when we get the inevitable question: "What was I like as a baby?"

And on that note, let me end by saying that though Jada just turned 16 months old, she has officially been in her terrible twos for a couple of weeks now. Who knew that this little peanut, who didn't give us a noise or a facial expression for the first 48 hours of our life together, would have such a strong personality? And as is developmentally appropriate, at least according to the books, she's in a phase now where she's starting to assert herself.

And how. She's usually on her best behavior around others. But with us, and to some extent with other, extended family members who she's comfortable with, she has no problem letting us know when she's upset or hungry or not hungry or wants to be held or doesn't want to be held. It's usually with a piercing scream, and/or a sturdy push away, and/or that ever so adorable "mug" (big tears always included).

Maybe because she's in this phase early she'll get out of it early. Or maybe this is just the beginning. Either way, taking care of Jada is all we ever bargained for and more.

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