Saturday, May 06, 2006

Stair Climber

Oftentimes when we have guests over from the suburbs and/or
lower-density areas like the West Coast, they'll comment on how steep
our stairs are. These straight-up rowhouses are certainly light on
land footprint and heavy on upward elevation.

No matter with Jada. She scales even the steeper back stairs with
relish, even adding difficulty by climbing the inner half of the
stairs (which are even steeper because of the way they turn the
corner). At times, I can envision a much older Jada scaling a steep
mountain in the same way, searching for handholds and footholds like
she does now. It is harrowing to watch her ascend the stairs when
they are so gosh darn steep. But I guess the fun is in the challenge.
It's a challenge she takes on several times a day, and each time, one
of us is right behind her, dying a thousand deaths and yet with a
smirk on our faces, proud of our little climber.

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