Sunday, May 07, 2006

Goes Down Easy

Here is the clearest evidence that Jada is a Mama's girl: I'm better
than Amy at putting her down for a nap.

Jada and I have a little routine on the days I watch her. After
breakfast, something outside to get her tired out, like a trip to the
park or a long walk en route to one or two or three errands. Maybe
followed some TV while she plays with blocks and balls. And then
lunch, with some playing around the house afterwards.

And then it's time for a warm bottle of milk, consumed while I rock
her slowly in the rocking chair. By the time she's done with the
bottle, she's rubbing her eyes and if not close to sleep, close enough
that when I lay her in the crib, it doesn't take her long to get to
sleep. After which I welcome the hour or so of time to pick up, grab
a bite, do some busywork, and collect my thoughts before she awakes
for more play.

She doesn't go down nearly as easy with Amy. Amy's routine right
before a nap is even better than mine, usually involving rocking and
singing and talking and kissing. And so when she lays Jada down in
the crib, the very last thing Jada wants is for Mama to leave. And
she'll let her know that, by crying and crying and crying. Of course,
that crying does eventually wear her out and thus get her to the same
destination. But it certainly take a lot more crying on Amy's days
than on mine. But if you knew Jada was a Mama's girl, you could've
guessed that.

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