Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I've often told people I don't know how smart Jada will be, but I'm
pretty sure she'll be studious. She has a pretty good attention span
for a one-year-old, and is quite happy focusing on something by
herself for minutes on end.

Today, I took her on the PENN campus, where there is a sculpture of a
big button that is popular for little ones to climb on. But she had
no interest in the Button. Instead, she made a beeline for the steps
of the main library on campus, and quickly ascended the steps to the
front entrance. When I brought her back down to the Button, she
meandered her way back to and up the steps. Some outgoing students
gave her weary but kind smiles. They were probably thinking, "I'm
trying to get out of this place and this little girl can't wait to get

Someday, maybe (no pressure!), she will have to go in and actually do
some studying.

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