Thursday, April 13, 2006

About Time for Discipline

Jada's plenty old enough to get herself into trouble but not quite old
enough to understand what "trouble" means. Which makes effective
discipline hard to do. Sometimes a stern "No!" or a swiping away of
her hand works, and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I just have to
take something away from her or take her away from something, but I'm
pretty sure she doesn't yet realize that she did something wrong. And
it's unlikely she'll remember the next time, given that she'll put
herself back in those situations over and over again, even as we take
her out of those situations over and over again. Up until now, our
only concern has been to keep her safe, to help her develop good
habits, and to keep her from developing bad ones. But we're about
ready to start helping her learn right from wrong. We'll just have to
be patient with her as she learns.

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